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News & Updates

Hello everyone! I have recently decided to revisit my blog on my personal website as a means of keeping current with recent events and news that has been occurring over the past several months. I know it has been close to 2 years since my last update but a lot has happened up to this point that I feel may be worth mentioning. The first of such news was my relocation to Asheville, NC from Greenville, NC. The move has been overall great so far. I have been finding lots to do and there is always something in the works it seems that keeps me busy. Just recently I have decided to take a film class at the Asheville School of Film and will be wrapping up helping with production on a short film entitled "Good People", a script by Josh Fleenor. I have also been working on establishing a workflow for my hosting infrastructure for Greyblock LLC. At this point in time I have about 60% of my web applications running as Docker containers with the exception of my GitLab instance and a few others. Management of said containers has been made possible through the use of Portainer running as an agent in each Docker VM server. With this set up it is possible to manage individual stacks and import GitLab projects to Portainer directly from the repos, a facet of which could be considered "GitOps". I have also set up over the past few weeks a Docker registry with a frontend management utility, Bow, for managing Docker containers. As of now the registry has limited entries but I am hoping to add to the repos soon, a collection of images to use as a means of hosting applications and delving into utilizing various capabilities further with Docker. I will continue to keep you updated with the latest news as time progresses. Until then! -C