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AVLFlavor Site Development

Hello everyone! Wanted to give a status update on a new site launch coming soon - AVLFlavor.com! This site will be devoted to "Food and Brew Review" for most of Asheville, NC! I originally came up with the idea when I was out one day and stumbled on an excellent cafe hangout that I truly enjoyed and wanted to share my experience. Which hangout is this you might ask? Well you will have to wait for the site launch! The technical implementation is yet another WordPress Docker container running alongside an NGINX proxy (along with another internally facing one) with separate database and management containers. The server is a VM on bare metal (in Asheville!) running Docker serving up several Docker containers managed through a Portainer GUI. Deployment of the application was fairly straight-forward and took around 30 minutes to set up. The theme that I am using is the ColorMag magazine style theme along with an "Under Construction" plugin that I found for free within WordPress' plugin catalog. I will be working on the site within the coming months and hope to launch by the end of August! Keep checking back for further updates and projects. A future project would be to implement automatic cert renewals for all WordPress Docker containers and upload them to the proxy. Until then, stay tuned! -C